Herbal Walks

I am happy to offer tailored herbal walks to suit individuals or groups. The herbal walks are available through the seasons in Berchtesgadener Land and Salzburg region on request.
For more information please call +49 160 6631298 or use contact form to get in touch with us.

Bavarian Herbs - Herbal Walk

Let yourself be guided by stories and sagas through the rich plant world of the Bavarian countryside. Discover the tradition, folklore, preparations and modern uses of age-old herbs of the alpine region.

This fascinating herbal walks are a great way to discover the impressive alpine landscape and abundant flora.


A gentle walk of approximately 3km. Duration: 2 hours.

Walking Mindfulness in Nature

Enjoy your holiday at a leisurely pace – take a walking meditation.

It is a practise which connects us to ourselves, to nature, to each other and to all of life. Give yourself the space to be here now. Feel restored.

Walking in nature and gathering medicines and foods is something our ancestors did for survival but also as a means of feeling and being connected to the natural world. There is no simpler and more powerful way to feel a sense of connection and belonging and it is just as powerful for us today.

Duration approximately 1 hour.

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